Independent Insurance Adjusters Company

The saying goes that an insurance company will spend 99 cents getting out of paying out a dollar. While this may sound ludicrous it is often all too true. Insurance companies are a business. Like any other business they answer to their board and shareholders first and that the bottom line often trumps any other concerns.

When you make a claim with an insurance company you are often entering into an adversarial situation. You want to get what you have been paying for while the insurance company will want to minimise their payout. Unfortunately the insurance company is in a powerful position as they not only wrote the policy but also have the expertise and experience to ensure how the policy is interpreted.

That is why you need your own insurance adjuster. Brown O’Haver has been providing expert public adjusting services for 25 years, our team of dedicated and expert professionals will work to see that you get what you deserve when you make a claim. We offer a full range of adjustment services, so before you make your claim, call Brown O’Haver.

Most insurance companies will tell you that you will probably not need an adjuster, though this is obviously something that you should do. It is best to call us right away, we can be involved in every part of your insurance claim process, ensuring that your claim reflects what you purchased with yourpolicy. We can alert you to any potential issues or pitfalls in your policy.

When you suffer a loss, the first thing to do is get out your policy and call for a public adjuster or insurance adjuster at Brown - O'Haver. One of our expert public adjusters will go through every detail of your policy, including your duties after loss as defined in the policy to verify exactly what you're entitled to, and what needs to be done to expedite your claim.

Proving your loss is not always an easy process, but we can help. With your input, we'll organize an inventory of everything that has been damaged or lost. Then we will assess the actual cash values, replacement costs and arrange for appraisals. We can also document any additional claims including relocation costs, interim housing and maintenance, loss of income benefits and what you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

Following this we will go over the details with you and then, on your behalf, meet with the insurance company claims representative to obtain the maximum recovery for you with minimum delay. That's our business, we do it every day.

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