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Adjusting For Insureds

You insure your property against loss, now it's happened

Do you understand all the paragraphs, clauses, exclusions, exemptions - the critical details of your insurance policy?

Your insurance company understands.

Your insurance company will send its claims representative to work out a balance between the company's interests and yours. You want the balance to be fair. You want everything you paid for and are entitled to. You want an advocate on your side. What you need at this juncture is a public adjuster or insurance adjuster.

When you suffer a loss...

When you suffer a loss, the first thing to do is get out your policy and call for a public adjuster or insurance adjuster at Brown - O'Haver.
Our public adjuster will go through every detail of your policy to verify exactly what you're entitled to, and what needs to be done to expedite your claim.
Proving your loss is not always easy, but it is our business to help. With your input,we'll organize an inventory of everything that's damaged or lost.
We will assess actual cash values, replacement costs and arrange for appraisals. We will document additional claims including relocation costs, interim housing and maintenance, loss of income benefits and what you are entitled to under your insurance policy.
We will review the details with you and then, on your behalf, meet with the insurance company claims representative to obtain the maximum recovery for you with minimum delay.
That's our business, we do it every day.

We're Experienced Professionals...

Brown - O'Haver is a professional, Public Insurance Adjusting company. Our adjusters work only for insurance policy holders - individuals and businesses. Our insurance adjusters do not adjust claims for insurance companies.

We support NAPIA's Certification Program.

Brown - O'Haver is proud to be affiliated with the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) and abides by its strict code of standards and ethics. We support NAPIA's Certification Program.

We'll Save You Time and Money...

Brown - O'Haver fees may be based on a small percentage of your recovered claim, depending on the size of the settlement. There is no up-front charge to you. We are paid when you receive your settlement. Our experience indicates our services more than pay for themselves in the dollars recovered, and we relieve you of the tedious claim preparation and frustrating negotiation you would have to go through in resolving claims with the insurance company.

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