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Name  :  Jessica Isam
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Profile  :  Jessica Isam in a Senior Staff Public Adjuster in the Oklahoma Office. She has vast insurance experience and is committed to customer service. As a matter of fact, she worked at Farmers Insurance for six years in Customer Service.

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Frozen Pipes Insurance Coverage

The state of Oklahoma has had record-breaking cold temperatures and above average snowfall so far this winter season. With colder temperatures, the danger of frozen pipes and pipe bursts increase significantly. If a broken pipe is not caught quickly, the subsequent water damage can be devastating. Most insurance policies do provide coverage for water damage, but with varying criteria for what type of water loss is covered and/or stipulations that must be met in order for coverage to apply. For example, some policies require that all utilities are active and turned on in order for a water loss to be covered; others simply require that the property has heat for coverage to apply. Still others have set limits for how much the insurance company will pay for a water loss that is usually less than the policy limit stated on the declaration page.

Knowing what immediate steps to take following a water loss is also vital. The insurance policy requires that a home or property owner take the necessary steps to mitigate the damage. This includes stopping the water source by turning the water off to stop the flow of water, having a plumber repair the damaged pipe or failed part, and cleaning up wet materials timely to prevent further damage. Once these steps have been started, the insurance company will send out an adjuster to assess and document the damages.

Understanding what the insurance company is responsible to pay for and knowing what steps to take can be a challenging task for any property owner. Brown O’Haver has a staff of licensed public adjusters that are knowledgeable in navigating a loss and can help you with your claim.

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Public Adjuster

Why hire a Public Adjuster?

If I had a dollar for every time that an adjuster has asked me why one of my clients has hired a public adjuster, let’s just say that I would have a few dollars in my pocket. While there are many reasons why someone might opt to hire a public adjuster to assist them with their claim, there are three main reasons that I come across the most frequently. 


Handling a claim of any size can be a full time job. From documenting damages to preparing an inventory, going through a claim is tedious at best. After adding in the letters, emails, and phone calls that are exchanged between the insured and the insurer, it’s flat out overwhelming. Many of my clients reach out for help simply because they don’t have the time or the resources to be able to manage such a daunting task on their own. 

Perhaps one of the most time consuming portions of the claim is the personal property inventory. In order to effectively compile a thorough valuation of the loss, each and every non-salvageable item should be documented. Most people, property owners and adjusters alike, will only document the large or high dollar items that were damaged as a result of a loss, but will miss out on all of the small items that add value to the claim. Office supplies, home décor, housewares, and craft supplies all cost money and should be accounted for if they are considered non salvageable. Brown O’Haver is known nationally for their thorough and accurate personal property inventories, which has proven to be an essential service that we provide to our clients.


Statistics show that most people will experience a large loss to their property only one time within their lifetime. Because of this, the average person doesn’t have the knowledge or expertise in how the claim process works. A good public adjuster has in-depth knowledge of the common practices for claim handling and can read and interpret the insurance policy. They should also have an understanding of the construction process and the function of building materials. 

Claim Challenges

We regularly have clients contact us because they feel that they have exhausted every option that they have and are still unsuccessful in resolving their claim on their own. Many times, we find that these claims can be handled to conclusion by communicating with the insurance company about the issues at hand and documenting the loss appropriately. 

While there is a cost associated with hiring a public adjuster, the benefit far outweighs the cost most of the time. A reputable adjuster will provide their clients with the service, knowledge, and conflict resolution skills to navigate the claim, resulting in a significantly better result than most can achieve themselves.