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What is a Subrogation Claim?

My Insurance Company Said: “Not Me” When I was growing up I had four siblings as well as a dig and a cat.  However, my mother.  my mother used to say there was another person who lived in our house.   Read More »

The Use Of Hearings In Resolving Insurance Disputes

  It is common knowledge that dispute valuations in insurance claims leads to “appraisal.” Appraisal is a somewhat of a buzz word for arbitration where arbitrators (appraisers) determine values. Simply put then, an appraiser is an arbitrator and appraisal is   Read More »

Letter to Kim (Suicide is not the Answer)

To my client as well and my friend, Kim Dieska, I never criticized you Kim. And you know I could have. After your house fire, you signed that stupid contract with that restoration contractor that gave ALL of your insurance   Read More »