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Frozen Pipes – Could Damage The Home

Home Damage due to Frozen Pipe

As the weather cools down and we look towards winter, it is time to reflect on our homes and the potential of a freeze, which could damage the home.  One of the largest homeowner claims we have worked was for   Read More »

Frozen Pipes Insurance Coverage

frozen water pipes insurance claim

The state of Oklahoma has had record-breaking cold temperatures and above average snowfall so far this winter season. With colder temperatures, the danger of frozen pipes and pipe bursts increase significantly. If a broken pipe is not caught quickly, the   Read More »

Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipe Insurance Claim Help

Although we hate to admit it, winter is coming. When the temperature drops, pipes can break. Broken pipes can wreak all kinds of damage and when such a thing happens, a homeowner’s first thought is to call their insurer who   Read More »