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There is a difference in Insurance Company Ethics

Difference in Insurance Company Ethics

Considering that what happens at the top of any organization, it is easy to conclude that employees will often emulate its leaders. This is evident when considering a particular airline whose employees are fun and helpful and compare that airline   Read More »

Dry-Out Contractors

Dry-Out Contractors

Just yesterday, after an impact with a hose bib outside the home, water poured out from inside the wall. I, as a trusted Grandpa, was asked to come over and assess the situation. I took along my trusty 16 ounce   Read More »

Growing up in the Insurance World

Public Insurance Adjusters

Everyone has their own set of subcultures that they have grown up with, true experts on any random aspect in life, perhaps passed down from their parents and their parent’s parents. A generational profession seems simply innate for children engulfed   Read More »