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Are Hail Claims Worth it?

Is your hail claim worth it? Decide with Brown-O'Haver

Insurance companies must hate Hail Claims. And … insureds do not like them either. While insurers have been collecting premiums in anticipation of such claims, many businesses have risen up to make money from hail claims. Of course we have   Read More »

Vandalism…Is it covered?


The term vandalism can be traced to ancient Rome, where in 455 A.D., the “Vandals”, a Germanic tribe at war with the Romans, destroyed many of the city’s monuments and works of art. Since that time, the word “ vandalism”   Read More »

Growing up in the Insurance World

Public Insurance Adjusters

Everyone has their own set of subcultures that they have grown up with, true experts on any random aspect in life, perhaps passed down from their parents and their parent’s parents. A generational profession seems simply innate for children engulfed   Read More »