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Actual Cash Value and Broad Evidence Value Settlements

Actual Cash Value and Broad Evidence Value Settlements

Our office recently assisted two truckers with big semi truck claims. With both claims, the insurers found comparable vehicles to set valuations. We, of course, had to ascertain that the values offered were adequate. They were not but eventually we   Read More »

Importance of an Inventory

Importance of an Inventory in Insurance

Experiencing a fire, tornado, or even a flood can be unexpectedly overwhelming and life changing. It is in our nature to trust those who are supposed to be there to help us. I know that in small towns and rural   Read More »

Matching Issues in an Insurance Claim

Matching issues in an insurance claim

Matching is one of the more difficult topics in insurance. When only part of the property is damaged such as siding or a roof on the outside or a living room set where just the sofa is damaged, and if   Read More »