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Frozen Pipes – Could Damage The Home

Home Damage due to Frozen Pipe

As the weather cools down and we look towards winter, it is time to reflect on our homes and the potential of a freeze, which could damage the home.  One of the largest homeowner claims we have worked was for   Read More »

Building or Remodeling

Building or Remodeling

Have you planned renovations to your home? If so, you might need to review the insurance considerations such an undertaking might involve. Standard homeowner’s policies are priced to cover a furnished home where no construction is taking place. If you   Read More »

What is an Inflation Guard Endorsement?

What is an Inflation Guard Endorsement

One of the things that we find insureds’ miss in settling their insurance claim is the Inflation Guard Endorsement. Many have this in their policies but are not exactly sure what it means. Basically, an inflation guard endorsement insures you   Read More »