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How does the Russian/Ukraine Battle Impact the Insurance Industry?

How does the Russian Ukraine Battle Impact the Insurance Industry

Perhaps because I have been around so long, I am privy to information that is shared behind the scenes with “high net worth” insurance company executives. It has been interesting watching what they anticipate will impact the insurance industry. For two years, the concern   Read More »

Untold Stories of a PA: Non-salvage vs Repair

Untold Stories of a PA

Depending on the type of insurance claim you have you may not have any personal property that was affected by the loss. Fire and water claims are losses that typically have damaged personal property. The extent of the damages determines   Read More »

Additional, Additional, Additional

Get Money Back on Certain Expenses with Home Insurance

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and thought, “How am I going to pay for all of this?” If you have an open homeowner’s insurance claim you could actually get money back on certain expenses. These expenses are called Additional Living   Read More »

Choosing a Contractor is Your Choice

Choosing a Contractor is Your Choice

Many times, when homeowners have insurance claims, their insurance company will have a third-party contractor or restoration company prepare an estimate. This person or company is what’s called a preferred vendor to the insurance company. These companies typically have a   Read More »

Understanding the Deductible in Your Insurance Policy

Understanding the Deductible in Your Insurance Policy

The deductible in your insurance policy is often misunderstood. The deductible is the amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket on each claim. Some policies provide for no deductible and others, such as some State   Read More »