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Building or Remodeling

Building or Remodeling

Have you planned renovations to your home? If so, you might need to review the insurance considerations such an undertaking might involve. Standard homeowner’s policies are priced to cover a furnished home where no construction is taking place. If you   Read More »

Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipe Insurance Claim Help

Although we hate to admit it, winter is coming. When the temperature drops, pipes can break. Broken pipes can wreak all kinds of damage and when such a thing happens, a homeowner’s first thought is to call their insurer who   Read More »

Coverage Outside the Policy Due to Insured’s ‘Reasonable Expectations’

As an adjuster, I don’t talk to judges but I do “measure and document” the valuation of insurance claims and present those claims to insurers. I was recently asked by an attorney to present a claim that demanded coverage be   Read More »