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Know Your Agent

Know Your Agent Before Buying an Insurance Policy - Insurance Policy Tips

It wasn’t all that long ago when we adjusted a claim for a Client whose house burned down, almost to the ground. As it turns out, the insured had NOT talked to his insurance agent for twenty-seven years and the   Read More »

There is a difference in Insurance Company Ethics

Difference in Insurance Company Ethics

Considering that what happens at the top of any organization, it is easy to conclude that employees will often emulate its leaders. This is evident when considering a particular airline whose employees are fun and helpful and compare that airline   Read More »

After a Disaster, How Can the “Helpers” Help?

After a Disaster, How Can the “Helpers” Help?

When a disaster occurs, especially a large natural disaster where many people are impacted, people from all over come out to help. As Mr. Rogers is often quoted, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in   Read More »