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Water Damage Claims

Water Damage Claim Help

People may not realize it, but the Number 1 reason to file an insurance claim is a loss due to water. Water claims might be caused by pipe breaks in the refrigerator, ice maker or a water feed line to   Read More »

Do you Know What a Public Adjuster is?

Do you know what a public adjuster is?

When people ask me what I do for a living I know that I can’t just say “public adjuster” the same way that an accountant or attorney could state their job title without having to go into the description. After I   Read More »

Difference Between Company, Independent and Public Adjuster

Difference Between Company, Independent and Public Adjuster

When a person has an insurance loss their insurance company will assign an adjuster to the handle the claim. Insurance departments in (almost) all states license three different kinds of adjusters: company, independent, and public. It is important to understand   Read More »