Insurance Claim Problem

Not all insurance claims are problems. We believe that many claims are underpaid if a qualified advocate is not on the claim but many claims are resolved without becoming a "problem" claim.

What makes a problem claim?

Slow Pay. No Pay. Part Pay. These claims are, indeed, problems. The amount of angst these issues have caused insureds could be immeasurable. However, these insurance claims have been our mainstay since 1988.

The marketplace was completely different when we moved to our current location from another state 26 years ago. There were already two established public insurance adjusting firms that now no longer exist. There was also a strong foothold on the market of insurance company contractors. These contractors are the kind that, in reality, work for the insurance companies and not the policyholder. Their next job comes from an insurance company referral and they are not willing to stick their necks out to offend an insurance company for any reason. When an adjuster says "this is all we are going to pay for" the insurance company friendly contractor hears the message clearly. There is no pushback by suck-up insurance company contractors when an entire roof needs replacement and the insurance company will only pay for a few shingles.

The economic downturn of 2007-2008 also created a new challenge in insurance claims. Many contractors who had been building structures throughout the country were now out of work. Their response was to get into the business of repairing homes and buildings to keep the cash flow coming. These contractors took two different approaches, (1) they would contact insurance companies and offer their services (to become an insurance company friendly contractor) or they would hit the streets themselves, listening to scanners and rushing to fires often when the fire department was still on the scene. They would then aggressively sign up a client for a rebuild and claim to assist the insured in obtaining a fair settlement when, in effect, all they were doing was guaranteeing that they would get funds to repair the property. That program has left any number of insureds in a lurch.

Frankly, these contractors who lacked insurance policy interpretation skills, didn’t finish the claims. That action has left more "insurance claim problems".

Unfortunately, some public adjusters have operated that way also. I talked with one recently who told me that they "gave back" the claim when they couldn’t get the insured what the insured had wanted. We have done any number of these claims because we have language in our agreement that "there will be no settlement without the approval of the insured".

We don't walk away from problem claims. We work for the insured through the entire claim process. We also will assist insureds in pursuing additional claims if called upon to do so.

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