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Insured Loss

When you file a claim, your insurance company will introduce you to a claim representative who will work for an independent adjusting firm or someone who will be a staff employee of the insurer.

Consider the duties of the representative of the insurer:

  • Interpret coverage.
  • Generally, they do NOT volunteer anything that increases insurance company liability.
  • Generally provide for rebuild contractors NOT cash settlements.
  • Negotiate settlements on an insured's claim to protect the interests of their employer.

Recognize Relationship: Policy Holders vs. Insurance Companies

Your Referee: The Cold Print of the Policy

Your Advocate: Brown - O'Haver, Loss Claims Representatives.

You wouldn't just send your documents to the I.R.S to tell you how much you owe; you would, instead, tell them! And, most likely you would retain an advocate to prepare that return. Don't let the insurance company tell you how much your loss is, retain an advocate to represent you.

Brown - O'Haver, Loss Claims Representatives, We Will Obtain Full Payment...consistent with the terms of your policy!

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