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We are independent insurance claims adjuster professionals who represent your interests in presenting your property insurance claims.

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Brown-O’Haver Public Adjuster in Arizona

It was April 1988 when we opened our Public Adjuster Office in Arizona. There was competition in Arizona, of course, but there were also some insurance industry contractors that insurers would use to manage claim payouts. Some of these contractors would submit significantly lower estimates and the insurers would tell us, “we have a contractor willing to do the work for that amount”. Except for one that is only a shadow of its previous self, all of these contractors are gone now. Ditto for the public adjusters in Arizona as well. The public adjusting industry has changed since 1988 and we are left standing as the pre-eminent firm in the State. We have competition now from contractors who are also public adjusters. This is a felony in some parts of the country and while it is legal in Arizona, is evidence of a very bad conflict of interest. We pioneered thorough inventories that confounded insurance companies. We had so many content items on an inventory form that insurers had a hard time believing it. Farmers even hired a firm to investigate our inventory to check off all of the items on the inventory list to see if they were there. This firm had to go through the dumpster outside and after several days, told us that there were four coasters on the inventory that had not been located which would suggest, albeit on a small scale, that the inventory was not correct. We pointed to the coasters under the Dining Room table and … all was well. We have over 2,000 Arizona references and would be honored to have you join that list.

Independent Public Insurance Adjusters of Arizona Specializes in

Loss Of Business Income

Loss of business income is considered a defined period of time when the normal flow of income stops.

Mold Damage

Mold damage claims are complex issues because insurance policies have various limitations when dealing with mold.

Flood Damage

Floods can be as devastating as a Hurricane or a Fire loss but most people do not purchase flood coverage.

Roof Leak

In Arizona we have become accustomed to torrential downpours during the fall monsoon season.

Fire Damage

We have years of experience helping homeowners and business owners get back on their feet after a fire.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common occurrences found inside of a property. To this effect of a property.


With the recent decline in our countries economy, Thefts, Vandalism’s, and Malicious Mischief’s have increased.

Hurricane Damage

All property owners are well aware of the destructive power of a hurricane or tropical storm.