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What is a Public Adjuster?

That is a simple question, but consider that the founder of Domino's Pizza stated that his company was not a pizza company, it was a delivery company. Some companies are marketers first, and everything else comes in second!

At Brown - O'Haver in Arizona or Oklahoma, we are a public adjusting firm first. We don't rebuild properties. We don't close our offices down when a hurricane happens somewhere in the world, so we can go there. While we appreciate and need new clients, our current clients are the reason we are in the public adjuster business .We will serve them first.

Advance person vs. your Public adjuster...

The person who contacts a potential client of a public adjuster is called a "solicitor". That person is a skilled sales representative but will not adjust your claim. Ask to talk with the Public Adjuster who will be assigned to your claim before you make a decision. You need to feel as comfortable with that public adjuster as you would be with your accountant.

The "big print giveth and the small print taketh away"...

Everything is negotiable so you will need to take a close look at the retainer you will sign. Avoid retainers that state "plus other costs approved by the insured" or give the adjuster an "interest" in salvage or reconstruction. Know up front just where your contract will take you. Know also just how far your public adjuster will go with you. At Brown - O'Haver we are proud of the provision in our retainer in every place, be it Arizona or Oklahoma that states: "No financial settlement will be made without the express approval of the Insured."

Titles and designations...

"Designations" and "titles" can reveal a lot about your public adjuster. If your public adjuster is a CPPA or SPPA, you will know that that person's experience is from representing insureds'. An SCLA title will reveal the fact that the public adjuster has acquired experience representing insurance companies. Those titles show experience and training that can help you on your road to recovery. At Brown - O'Haver, we have all three!

Unraveling your claim...

Some insurance company claims personnel will advise you to "stick with your insurer first and see if you really need a PA" and people who have suffered a loss "buy" that offer everyday. But what happens when you find you need an advocate and are mired in the middle of the claims process? We can still help in most cases, and have a vast amount of experience in doing so. However, keep in mind just how hard it will be for your hairdresser to come in after you have attempted to cut your own hair.

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