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Brown O’Haver Public Adjusters

Learn how Brown-O'Haver can work for you.

Brown O’Haver public insurance adjusters work for the policyholder, not the insurance company. Whenever you need to file an insurance claim; enlist the services of an experienced public adjuster, we handle the entire claim, saving you time and money. Insurance companies have an entire team to help them and this team has the best interest of the insurance company in mind not yours. Brown O’Haver has been working with policyholders for over 30 years. Our team will put together a list of losses, examine your policy, review details, and meet with insurance representatives on your behalf. The goal is to make sure you get the maximum return based on your insurance policy. We are a top rated BBB business, and we are proud members of NAPIA, the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. We do not represent insurance companies; we are your advocate.

Filing an insurance claim on your own can be tricky and difficult as insurance policies have various limitations and can be hard to understand if you don't deal with them regularly. Our public insurance adjusters have experience with multiple types of claims including but not limited to; fire damage, water damage, theft, vandalism, and mold. Brown O’Haver works for you and we are happy to provide a free consultation, call today for more information

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