Public Adjusters for the Community

Brown-O'Haver Principals involved in community Service

As public adjusters we are here to help you and to serve our community, we have been working with Arizona residents since 1988. Thousands of teens are homeless and go hungry every day in Phoenix, Arizona. Groups and non-profit organizations such as Home Base focus on helping the youth in our communities by providing youth services and basic essentials. Home Base relies heavily on donations and fundraisers to provide things such as; clothing, toiletries, food, and shelter. Rae Young has been working with nonprofit organizations since the start of Brown O’Haver Public Adjusters, she believes that helping young adults can create a positive impact which can last a lifetime. If you would like to make a difference or you are looking for a way to help your local community, start by supporting a local non-profit organization.

One simple way to help is by asking; ask your co-workers, friends, and family to donate anything they can afford to donate. It might not seem like a lot at first however if you can manage to organize a food drive and receive donations they will make a difference. You can also donate your time and find a charity that takes in volunteers, you don't always have to donate money.

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