Insurance Claim for Tornado Damage

Tornado Victims, Listen Up

Our public adjusters have unmatched experience and can help you maximize your return when you file an insurance claim for tornado damage. After a major disaster such as a tornado your home might suffer damages, and you will need to file an insurance claim to cover the cost of fixing your home. Once the claim for tornado damage or any type of claim is filled your insurance company will send out an adjuster. However, the adjuster your insurance company sends out works for the insurance company not you. The adjuster your insurance company sends out represents the interest of the insurance company. Your insurance company might also send out a cleaning company to go through your things and decide what is salvageable. Keep in mind that anyone your insurance company sends out is working for them and not you, this is why you need to know your options.

First you must understand that you can choose to do your own clean-up and decide for yourself what is salvageable and what needs to be replaced. You can also choose your own storage facility and package and store the items that are salvageable for yourself. You will also want to consider hiring a public insurance adjuster such as Brown O’Haver Public Adjusters. Public insurance adjusters work for you, and they work to ensure that you get the maximum return based on your policy. Call today to learn more about how Brown O’Haver can help with your insurance claim.

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