Loss Adjuster: Alice Young

News Channel 4: Alternative for Homeowners with Insurance Battles.

What options do homeowners have when their home suffers any type of damage and needs to be restored? You might think that you're covered, but many times policyholders need to go through multiple obstacles to receive a proper settlement. After a claim is filled your insurance company will send out an adjuster who works for them to determine the total losses. Another company your insurance provider might send out is a cleaning and packing company who also works for the insurance company. Your insurance company has a dedicated team to help them out, this is why you need to know your options. As a policyholder you have your policy to back you up, however if you do not completely understand your policy you can lose out on money that you need to repair your home.

One option that policyholders have is to hire an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster to help them maximize their claim based on the insurance policy. Alice Young is an experienced loss adjuster who represents policy holders and not the insurance company. Alice will dig through every piece of ruble left after your home is damaged to ensure you get paid more. A public insurance adjuster will also handle all the communication with your insurance company to ensure the process is not delayed. For more information about Brown O’Haver Public Adjusters and how we can help call today for a free consultation.

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