Brown-O’Haver is a professional, public insurance adjusting company. We work only for insurance policy holders - individuals and businesses. We do not represent insurance companies. We are your advocate!

Brown-O’Haver is affiliated with the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA), the Rocky Mountain Association of Public Insurance Adjuster (RMAPIA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and abides by these association's strict code of standards and ethics.

We support the insurance industry's Public Adjuster Certification Program. Our Staff includes Certified Professional Public Adjusters (CPPA) and Senior Professional Public Adjusters (CPPA).

We relieve you of the tedious documentation and frustrating efforts you would have to go through in resolving claims with your insurance company.

Fire, theft, vandalism, wind, tornado, earthquake, business interruption!

Let us put our experience to work for you.

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25 YEARS serving policyholders only!




Over 2,500 clients! We may have previous clients in your same Zip Code!


BROWN - O’HAVER has close ties with the Adjusters Insurance School. Brown - O’Haver personnel understand the paragraphs, clauses, exclusions, exemptions - the critical details of your insurance policy.


Organizational approval of education and training granting designations such as SCLA, CPPA, SPPA. Brown - O’Haver Personnel set the standard in knowledge, training and acceptance in professional rating organizations.


BROWN - O’HAVER personnel are very involved in protecting the insurance consumer through standards promulgated by NAPIA (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, RMAPIA (Rocky Mountain Association of Public Insurance Adjusters).
Two of our office staff have served on the State Oversight Board which writes the questions posed of adjuster applicants!


Check out www.adjusteradvocate.com to obtain the thought processes used in the adjustment of insurance claims!

Since 1988 we have provided public adjusting and claim support with a commitment that all decisions will be made as to what is the best service to provide to our clients. If you have suffered an insurance loss or are helping someone who has, you may have questions. We welcome your call and stand ready to assist you in any way.


  • Your efforts do not go unnoticed. John Evans
    Adaptive Enviornmental
    Phoenix, Arizona http://adaptiveenv.com/

  • We are proud to be assoicated with a policyholder advocate of your caliber. Amy Bach
    United Policyholders
    San Francisco, California

  • Dan (Larsen, CPPA) was able to turn a horrible experience into a huge positive. Andrew Pristo
    Sky High Creations
    Mesa, Arizona

  • I want to take a minute to say: "Thank you". Roger Moore
    20-20 Financial, LLC
    Queen Creek Financial

  • Good Job, Guys! Bill Johnson

    Paradise Valley, Arizona

  • Outstanding work! Blake D. Beeler
    Oklahoma City, OK

  • I did make a great decision to hire you. You have been amazing. I can't thank you enough. I should have hired you sooner. They (insurance company people) were so rude and frustrating to deal with. Everything you have done has been greatly appreciated. Aaron Ashford

    Tucson, Arizona

  • Pixi's fantastic! What a charming and efficient colleague you have! "L" Hall

    Towson, Maryland

  • Thank you. A job really well done! "L" Hall
    L. Hall and C.J.T. Talar
    Towson, Maryland

  • I would like to thank you for the opportunity to assist you in handling our insured's claim. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Ashanti Barfield
    Technical Specialist Travelers Insurance Company
    Baltimore Claim Center

  • I do not have words to thank you. No one has fought for me in my life like David. David will be in my debt forever. Julia Connolly

    Rimrock, AZ (Lake Montezuma)

  • "United Policyholders honors Brown - O'Haver for dedication to empowering the insured". Amy Bach, Executive Director
    United Policyholders Association
    Headquarters, San Francisco, California

  • To Rae Young: "Thank you for your participation in the Examination Review Meeting held recently (to review the questions on the Arizona Adjuster Examination). I would like you to know that your assistance was and is greatly appreciated." Mike Sirkin
    PSI Services, LLC
    PSI Formulates Questions for the Arizona Adjuster Exam

  • Thank you for doing such a good job in collecting from Traveler's Insurance. Because of you we did not have to file a law suit. Thank you, Jerry Jerry Simms
    Turf Paradise Race Track T P Racing
    1501 E. Bell Road, Phoenix, Arizona

  • To Dan Larsen, I received the check from Colorado Casualty yesterday. I want to thank you for all of your hard work and perseverance on this project. Your efforts made what was a very difficult event a lot easier to endure and you really helped me to understand the insurance adjustment process. I enjoyed working with you and appreciate all that you and David Young did for my partner and me! Although I am hoping for no more unfortunate events, you will certainly be my first call should any other insurance-related events arise. I would be happy to highly recommend you and your company to others that may need help with the insurance process. Donna Walker
    GTI Realty Management, LLP
    Office Complex Fire in Mesa, Arizona

  • Just want to say thank you for all your fine work ... against Ameriprise. I would be happy to give your website a testimonial. Thanks again. Rob Zawrotny

    Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Just wanted to thank you for everything and all the care you gave to us and our home. Gregory Nava
    Director, "El Norte", "Selena"
    Santa Fe, NM

  • Despite all of the contractors and others who tried to persuade me not to hire a Public Adjuster, it is very clear that doing so was a valuable and smart decision. Please consider me a reference for your company in the future. Mark Godfrey
    Captain, Phoenix Fire Department (Retired)
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • It is most unusual in today's business world to find a company that does, not only what they promised, but much more as well. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin P. Phelps, Jr.,

    Altadena, California

  • The settlement you obtained attests to your success. John M. Dickey, Pueblo Inn

    Tucson, Arizona

  • Jane and I are grateful for the stability you helped provide during the time when things were looking despondent. Dr. Dennis P. Olson

    Peoria, Arizona

  • I felt part of a team working toward MY best interest. Jo Ellen Huntington

    Norman, Oklahoma

  • No one should deal with an insurance company without an advocate; thanks for being ours. Ron and Linda Bexell

    South Ogden, Utah

  • What good fortune we had in finding you. Marry and Maria Denicke

    Patagonia, Arizona

  • Despite some difficulties and limitations in our landlord policy Brown - O'Haver was able to find alternative avenues to help us capture the maximum amount possible under our policies. Charles and Barbara Burton

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • It is unlikely my business could have survived the incurred loss without your expert representation. Don Allen
    Arizona Tex Mat
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • After our fire, Brown - O'Haver was our lifeline back to sanity. Dani Lanz and Kirk Harmon

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • You handled my nearly $2 million loss superbly. Your adjuster lived and breathed my claim until it was settled. Bill West

    Scottsdale, Arizona

  • The cost was extremely reasonable given the enormous amount of work you performed and I have since recommended Brown O'Haver to people who have experienced similar tragedies. Teresa Suslik

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Thanks for such a good settlement obtained so quickly. Jeff Hornecek

    Utah Jazz

  • I would recommend you and your firm highly to anyone needing your services. Your knowledge of insurance 'policy' and the time you invested to hold them accountable was professional and to the point. I felt part of a team working toward MY best interest; no longer at the mercy of a company trying to procrastinate and manipulate their way out of paying a rightful claim. Jo Ellen Huntington

    Norman, Oklahoma

  • Insurance companies can be intimidating, but you make it a win-win for everyone (especially your clients). John Mulvaney

    Venice, California

  • I was skeptical at first, but I would never handle a loss without Brown O'Haver now! Ed & See Too Tang

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • I can tell you and anyone who might consider using your services that you did what I absolutely could not do for myself. Theron H. Canterbury

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • The claim was settled in only 2 1/2 months, we were paid our policy limits, and you were able to minimize the amount of our time expanded on the claim! Abbas Naderpour

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Once I signed with you I didn't have to worry. I am so thankful that you arranged for the insurance company to pay a fair settlement. Margaret E. Richardson

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • I had been working with the insurance company for 9 months, but was not able to get more than what was originally paid. Brown O'Haver was able to get me a 170% increase in two months with an additional payment on my claim. Elisabeth Summers

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • I had never heard of a public adjuster before my fire. Now I know why the State of Arizona licenses public adjusters. They help people like me. Nate Matthews

    Glendale, Arizona

  • We won and that is really what counts. Tony and Judy Cleavinger

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • Words alone will never be enough to express my gratitude for all your help. Lyn Allison

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • You did a very complete inventory of the contents of our house. We were really dreading having to do that as it was very depressing to go back into our home which was now destroyed. It was also really nasty inside with soot on everything, the smell of smoke and water on carpets. An extra thanks to the ones who had to dig through that mess to do the inventory. Alan Kennedy

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • No solo recomendaria a otros a que usen su servicio, peinso que es importante que tienen su ayuda. Julio Avila

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • I must commend you on your excellent work. It certainly shows what expertise can do in the face of recalcitrant insurance corporations, and what attention to the fine details of the damages incurred can produce. Melvin Goldsmith, President
    Medical/Legal Orthopedics of Arizona Coolidge Properties Investment Corporation
    Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Estoy muy contenta con todos los de Brown ? O'Haver Loss Claims Representatives y les recomiendo a qualquiera persona quien sufra una perdida como yo. Hermilinda Gomez

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • Thank you again for the time you invested to ensure that my family and I were represented properly in this matter. Please use us as a reference anytime. Richard Wandrych

    Scottsdale, Arizona

  • "Had Mr. Young not been involved in my claim, it is likely that I would have received no compensation whatsoever. I?am grateful for the settlement?obtained." Brian Huddleston
    Brian Huddleston Investments
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • "They are very nice people and most of all caring and honest. I will certainly recommend them to anyone I know needing this service." Beatrice A. Carhart

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • thanks for removing the hassle in dealing with the Insurance Company, the adjuster and the agent. It was a pleasure working with you! Larry B. Thompson

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • I know if it were not for your expertise, I would still be filling out forms and waiting for my claim to be settled. Ubaldo Ortiz
    Dax's Auto
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • We are writing to express our appreciation for all the work you did in regard to our claim. We were very pleased and would be happy to recommend your service to anyone. Paul & Caroline Shedd
    Modern Dress Shop
    Safford, Arizona

  • You got the settlement we deserved in a fair amount of time. I truly believe that if it had been left to the attorneys, we would still be bickering away any extra dollars that might have been extracted from USF & G. San Geronimo Lodge
    Siegel Properties
    Taos, New Mexico

  • You did a good job on behalf of the Pavilions and also kept everyone informed throughout the process. Fred B. Thielen
    Executive Director, Gainey Ranch Community Association
    Scottsdale, Arizona

  • We were extremely pleased and if we can be of any help in referring future clients, we shall be happy to do so. Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Silver

    Scottsdale, Arizona



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