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Brown O'Haver of Oklahoma began adjusting claims from our own full-service office in the fall of 2006. Under the tutelage of David and Rae Young, Alice Young has grown the business into a thriving contributor to the robust economy of Moore, Oklahoma as well as the entire state of Oklahoma. Throughout the years Brown O'Haver has helped hundreds of Oklahomans navigate their insurance claims, but really made an impact in the community following the devastation of the May 2013 tornados. The Brown O'Haver team became an important part in the recovery process following the storm. In addition to assisting over 200 victims, Brown O'Haver conducted multiple seminars on how to handle insurance claims and participated in numerous other relief efforts. Since then, Brown O'Haver has continued to grow and help Oklahomans through disasters and large losses statewide. In 2021, Alice was elected as an officer for the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. This role places her at the center of key discussions regarding insurance legislation, policies, and trends that occur throughout the country. Brown O'Haver continues to assert their knowledge and expertise in the industry so they can best advocate for policy holders.

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