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Public Adjuster: Claim Support

Here are our Standards of Conduct as they were recorded in 1988:

As Public Adjusters, Brown O'Haver Loss Claims Representatives provides an important service. We must never forget that that service is the backbone of our business. All decisions as a public adjuster dealing with claim support will be made as to what is the best service to be provided to our clients.

We sell a service i.e. claim support service. We do not sell increased insurance recovery. Our public adjusters will obtain an insurance settlement consistent with the terms of the policy

Our Public Adjusters are one-half of the team that will adjust the insurance claim to the benefit of all concerned. The other half of the team represents the insurance company. Therefore, we will not slander nor verbally abuse any insurance company or insurance company adjuster in any way.

We have no interest in nor will we get involved in salvage disposition.

We will never intentionally inflate a claim and will terminate any employee who does so.

Insurance Agents are an important source of our referrals and, as such, we will afford them every courtesy and will respect their concerns.

When called by an insured, our public adjusters will never decline assistance for claim support, regardless of the size of the claim.

We will so conduct ourselves as to bring credit to ourselves, our company, and our profession.

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