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​Water Damage Claims

Water causes extensive damage to both structure and personal property, many times occurring without you even knowing it. 

In the beginning of a claim the damages that are noticeable are typically low in visibility. Meaning, the true extent of the damages from water claims will emerge once mitigation and drying has occurred. Determining what is restorable and what is non-recoverable is tricky without understanding your options. 

Water claims typically have multiple steps before an insured receives an estimate and knows the total amount for repairs; mitigation, tear out, and put back. Water damage, on its surface, can seem relatively easy to mitigate. However, water can compromise many surfaces especially dry wall, wood, carpet, metal, and any textiles. 

Without prompt and proper mitigation water can lead to mold which can spread and ravage any surface. Water can also leave behind markings and stains that weren’t there before in addition to swelling and expansion of materials. Proper mitigation and evaluation of the damages are essential to navigate any water claim. 

While public adjuster are not contractors and cannot conduct mitigation or repairs we can guide you through the process of handling the many steps of a water claim. 

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