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Claims FAQ

Our fees are generally based on a percentage of your claim, but our services guarantee that your claim is being fully recognized. While we sell a service and not increased recovery, many of our clients realize a substantial sum more from their insurer when they have an advocate who can represent their claim interests ... and that’s after our fee.! After all, YOU do not have a fire everyday, but YOUR insurance Company does.

The reality is it is YOUR money and it needs to be in YOUR pocket so that you can make valuable decisions regarding your claim, reconstruction process, etc. When you are not proactive you allow the insurance company to decide how much, when and how you receive your money. Also what if you are not certain what you are actually waiting for? What if you wait to see a settlement and are not sure if it is appropriate. With us there is no wait and see if you will be treated fairly. Our services guarantee we will always pursue a fair and correct settlement.

Your have three options: You can retain your own adjuster, you can retain an attorney or you can handle the claim yourself. You do NOT have the option of allowing the insurance Company to adjust the claim for you. Just as people use experts to prepare their taxes, change their oil, cut their hair, or clean their carpets, we offer professional services in handling your insurance claim. Also, during a time of loss, we realize that you have a great deal of pressing issues to address; we can help with the stress associated with your insurance claim.

Your premiums will not rise as a result of using a public adjuster; neither will your relationship with your agent change. Your agent’s responsibility is to make sure your property is insured in case of disaster. Upon that unexpected disaster, we work with the claims adjuster assigned by your insurer to make sure that coverage counts.

Statistics show that most people will only suffer 2.2 insurance losses during their lifetime. The fact that you have not heard of Public Adjusters is easy to understand. But ... people who have had losses know. Our desire to present the services we offer our service at the earliest time possible may create an awkward introduction. However, we are licensed, bonded, and recognized as public insurance adjusters .

Public adjusters are the only licensed professionals recognized by your state and insurance companies that can negotiate your claim. Doesn't it make sense that a contractor would look after their own interests? We look after YOURS.

You are the boss! Our agreement spells out that there will be no settlement until YOU approve of that settlement!

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