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Have you suffered an insured loss in MARYLAND?

Perhaps we can help.

We can dedicate our resources to helping INSUREDS with problem claims. We are fully licensed in Maryland.

We were licensed in Maryland at the request of our National Association as well as several law firms . We are experts in the adjustment and resolution of PROBLEM claims. Brown O'Haver goes beyond the simple claims and participates in claims with coverage questions, co-insurance penalties, carrier policy misinterpretation and claims that in which the insured needs a level playing field.

Lets face it. Not all claims go well for the insured and some insureds are left sucking wind trying to solve their claims by themselves. We can measure and document your claim. We can work with or without your attorney. Just today our principal just received a book from a Maryland attorney with the dedication: "To a gentleman and terrific adjuster. Thanks for all you do!"

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