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John Whitson

John Whitson

BBP Host, CFO, Claims Representative

John Whitson is the Chief Financial Officer for Brown O’Haver, Oklahoma.  Married to Alice, John has been with Brown O’Haver since the beginning but officially started in July of 2011.  Prior to working for BOH John worked for FedEx Kinkos and Ricoh America.  In his role John is responsible for the financial decisions of Brown O’Haver, however he really enjoys his role in advertising as John from BOH.  He has appeared live on KREF radio once a month for six years with Toby Rowland to educate listeners on what Brown O’Haver is and how they can help in the handling of insurance claims.  This experience led him to create the Boomer Bevo Podcast with Kevin Miller which allows both of them to share their love of the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas, respectively.  

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