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Lauren Brown

Lauren Brown

Inventory Specialist, Inventory Team

    Lauren Brown—some of her most favorite people in her world call her “LaLa”—was born and for the most part raised in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. Even though she has been a full-time Norman resident since 2006, over the years, Lauren has taken time out for part-time travels including both national and international adventures via planes, trains, boats, automobiles, foot and even bicycles! She has an infatuation with all things “old” and in her own right, she’s a “meaningful maximalist.” Her appreciation for gently used items often has her looking for her next piece at early Saturday morning estate sales,  garage sales, thrift and antique shops both near and far! When it comes to her passion for fashion, she has forever vowed to choose thrift shops over the mall not only for the challenge of the hunt, but for the art of the “reuse-reduce-recycle” philosophy.

    For school, Lauren attended the University of Oklahoma’s College of Architecture. She majored in Interior Design and minored in Architecture with an emphasis on Environmental Sustainability and graduated class of 2015. Her favorite activities include, but are not limited to: dopamine dressing, cardio karaoke, crafting and creating, cycling, skating, hiking, kayaking, camping—pretty much anything outdoors and in the sunshine, cooking, baking, being with family and friends, reading, gardening, researching, growing both metaphorically and spiritually!

    Favorite saying to live by: “The only way to eat a whole elephant is one bite at a time!”

    Favorite mantra: Trust more. Fear less.

    Although she is the newest member to the team she is excited to have the opportunity to apply her quirky skillsets and ever increasing knowledge to the success of BrownO’Haver!

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