Fire Claim Help

Fire claims in Oklahoma can feel as if you are being pulled in multiple directions at one time. There are several parts to an insurance claim, and they can be overwhelming no matter the size of your fire. Insurance claims resulting from a fire can scale from a small kitchen fire in a home to a total loss to an entire apartment building. No matter the size of your fire, hiring a public adjuster in Oklahoma can help ease stress, anxiety, and restless nights you may have.

During a fire insurance claim in Oklahoma, there are three main categories of coverage for your claim: structure, personal property, and additional living expenses.

  • The structure portion of the claim refers to the physical home and anything permanently attached to the home. Insurance companies primarily prepare the estimate for the structure of the home.

  • Personal property is everything else that you own, and in Oklahoma homeowners are responsible for preparing the list for the damaged items.

  • Additional living expenses means anything additional that you are paying for that you did not have to pay for prior to the fire such as a hotel room, storage unit, additional mileage, and food expenses.

  • Commercial claims such as an apartment complex or business office have loss of rents and business interruption coverages as well.

If you choose to hire a public adjuster, they help by taking on nearly all the work of your fire insurance claim. At Brown O’Haver, your Oklahoma public adjuster communicates directly with your insurance company, conducts inspections, reviews and helps prepare estimates, helps policy holders prepare inventory lists, and is your guide through the claims process.

We know that know reading an estimate from the insurance company for the first time can feel like reading a foreign language and this is what our public adjusters in Oklahoma do every day. Preparing inventory lists for the insurance company seems like an impossible task and that’s where Brown O’Haver helps. Our team completes a full count inventory of your home so that every piece of personal property is accounted for in your claim for either replacement or cleaning.

During a fire claim, it is common to find additional damages after the insurance company completes their estimate or during the construction process. Not to worry, your public adjuster makes sure those supplemental damages are included in the estimate and that you are paid properly.

Hiring a public adjuster in Oklahoma for your fire insurance claim helps homeowners and policy holders get back to their daily routine as much as possible. Adjusters at Brown O’Haver represent you and your family’s best interest .

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