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Success Story

We have a client that was impacted by a tornado in February damaging his home. His insurance company utilized an independent adjuster to inspect, document, and report the damages to the staff adjuster. Our public adjuster and the insured’s contractor were both present to ensure all damages were addressed. Once the staff adjuster reviewed the documentation from their...

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Recorded Statement VS Evaluation Under Oath

Sometimes insurance claims are not clean cut. Oftentimes the adjuster will have questions that you might feel are invasive. In some claims there is a recorded statement or an evaluation under oath. We typically see this for fire or theft claims. The purpose of a recorded statement or an evaluation under oath is for the insurance company to gather information related to you and your insurance claim.

A recorded statement is usually conducted by the insurance staff adjuster. This is gener...

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Storm Season is Here!

It is storm season here in tornado alley and Oklahoma is no stranger to high winds and torrential rains. Insurance claims for roof damage and possible flooding are most likely to occur during March – June. Here are some tips from your local public adjuster to navigate this season and your potential insurance claim.

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Importance of Taking Your Time – Contents

When you have an insurance claim most people want to get moving quickly on clearing out the damaged items and getting repairs started. Before you start doing that here are some tips on how to help yourself maximize your contents claim.

Take pictures of everything

We like to say there is no such thing as too many pictures. Make sure...

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Insurance company advertising

Insurance companies devote a great deal of money to advertising. Everyone can fill in the blanks here:  “You are in good hands with _____________”; or “Like a good neighbor, ____________ is there”;  or "_________ is on your side”.  

According to a study by Kantar Media, the total advertising spending by insurance companies in the United States r...

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