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Technology in Insurance Adjusting

Last week our office was confronted with a challenge that will become more prevalent in the future. That challenge involved technology being used by an insurance company vendor that wished to use the technology, Matterport.

As insurance adjusters on the forefront of the insurance industry, we are familiar with Matterport, Matterport allows for the complete survey of items in a home by using 3D technology. Matterport's 3D virtual tours enable users to remotely explore and interact with a...

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Artificial Intelligence, How can it work for me

While watching various talking heads on TV recently, I heard a credentialed individual say that this phenomena known as artificial intelligence (AI) is the most significant invention since the atom bomb.  That is a pretty big assessment but perhaps he is right.  Already we are hearing that artificial intelligence was able to pass the bar exam and universities across the country are grappling with how to handle the potential plagiarism issues of their student...

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How to Handle Multiple Weather Events

Did you file a hail claim at the beginning of the year? Were the repairs complete or not? If so, you may be wondering what’s next. No claim should be made if you didn’t repair the previous damages. If you have new damage, it is best to gather receipts and photos of the work done to prove to your insurance company that the repairs were complete. This allows you to be paid for the new roof or windows that were damaged.

The following steps ...

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Public Adjuster Scholarship Essay

As many of our Blog readers know, we have sponsored an essay contest for which the reward is a scholarship at my Alma Mater, Weber State University. The essay contest works like this:  Students applying for the scholarship will submit their essays to me and I will judge them.  I will have no knowledge of the sender, his or her gender or race.  I just judge the essays.

This year we received two scholarship winners and I would like to provide parts of the hig...

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