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Public Adjuster Scholarship Essay

As many of our Blog readers know, we have sponsored an essay contest for which the reward is a scholarship at my Alma Mater, Weber State University. The essay contest works like this:  Students applying for the scholarship will submit their essays to me and I will judge them.  I will have no knowledge of the sender, his or her gender or race.  I just judge the essays.

This year we received two scholarship winners and I would like to provide parts of the hig...

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Florida Weather Damage. Are losses covered by insurance?

The photos and videos we are seeing in Florida as a result of Hurricane Ike, are disheartening. I watched Greg Kelly the other night bring a guest on his show who was a congressman representing the Fort Myers area. He said that, as a result of previous hurricanes, the State of Florida had improved and strengthened its building codes but no building codes ever anticipated the devastation caused by flooding.

Are such los...

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Untold Stories of a PA: Non-salvage vs Repair

Depending on the type of insurance claim you have you may not have any personal property that was affected by the loss. Fire and water claims are losses that typically have damaged personal property. The extent of the damages determines if items can be cleaned/repaired or non-salvaged, meaning you are paid to replace that item.

For example, a fire occurs in the kitchen an...

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Oklahoma Public Insurance Adjuster: Helping Clients to Settle The Insurance Claims

In general and more or less, all states impose some responsibility on insurance agents to assist their insureds in obtaining proper insurance coverage. This would be expected under the theory of “ reasonable expectation” which when applied in Arizona includes the theory that when insurance terms cannot be understood by the reasonably intelligent consumer, the court will interpret those terms in a manner that allows the benefit of those terms to inure to the consumer, ...

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Dangers of Smoke, Soot, and Heat

Most times, when people think of house fires, they probably imagine an entire house engulfed in flames or a pile of rubble where a home use to be. These types of fires are typically called large loss insurance claims or total losses. Not every house fire results in a total loss, though. Most house fires are smaller and usually contained in one area of the home. That part of the home can have extensive da...

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