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Corona Virus Insurance Considerations

Recent concern regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) has generated much public attention and has caused a significant change in travel, personal interactions and in guidelines prescribed by health officials on how to address this growing threat. As a result of this concern, I was recently asked how the Corona Virus would impact the insurance industry.

I have given this some thought and am prepared to share a few of these observations.

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Insurance Issues Related to Working From Home

Due to the Covid-19 Virus, many people are working from home.  I know, I am.  Even though our office is staffed behind a locked front door entrance with only two visitors allowed at any one time some of us are working from home.  We have purchased some great software that allows us to access our office computers from our homes.  However, since my business is adjusting claims for the benefit of insureds (as opposed to someone who adjusts c...

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