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Technology in Insurance Adjusting

Last week our office was confronted with a challenge that will become more prevalent in the future. That challenge involved technology being used by an insurance company vendor that wished to use the technology, Matterport.

As insurance adjusters on the forefront of the insurance industry, we are familiar with Matterport, Matterport allows for the complete survey of items in a home by using 3D technology. Matterport's 3D virtual tours enable users to remotely explore and interact with a space as if they were physically present, using their computer, smartphone, or VR headset. This can be useful for a variety of applications, such as real estate listings, architecture and construction projects, insurance assessments both prior and after loss, and virtual events.

Matterport's hardware products include a 3D camera that captures high-quality images and data for creating the virtual tours, as well as a cloud-based platform for processing and hosting the tours. The company also offers a suite of software tools for creating, editing, and sharing the virtual tours, as well as analytics and other data insights.

Insurance companies are increasingly leveraging new technologies in the adjustment process.  Matterport’s technology is aimed at providing immersive and engaging experiences for users, while also providing practical applications for a variety of industries, however, there is a question about this service and in our case, we had to forgo using Matterport.  Here’s why:  If every little detail of a house and its interior is “out there” that information can be accessed by people that may be interested in nefarious activities.  Thank about it. Do you want all of the things in your house carefully laid out for anyone to see?  Maybe you want this service and maybe you don’t, but you can rest assured that in YOUR case, we will work for YOUR best interests.

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