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Untold Stories of a PA: Non-salvage vs Repair

Untold Stories of a PA

Depending on the type of insurance claim you have you may not have any personal property that was affected by the loss. Fire and water claims are losses that typically have damaged personal property. The extent of the damages determines   Read More »

Additional, Additional, Additional

Get Money Back on Certain Expenses with Home Insurance

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and thought, “How am I going to pay for all of this?” If you have an open homeowner’s insurance claim you could actually get money back on certain expenses. These expenses are called Additional Living   Read More »

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Preparation is essential for every aspect of life. One thing that is perpetually in the depths of people’s minds is the idea of insurance claims. Hopefully, an insurance claim never occurs. However, you have bought a policy for this very   Read More »

Pays to Read your policies, contracts and agreements

Pays to Read your Policies Contracts and Agreements

I was raised in a public adjusting family. Being part of this family meant that I heard the words, “read the policy” a lot. I was taught that you should know the insurance policy like you know your Bible or   Read More »

Who pays for your restoration services?

Who Pays for Your Restoration Services

When a person experiences an insured loss,  one of the first things that they might notice is a restoration company coming out on behalf of the insurer. Sometimes, however, a homeowner might invite them out. If the insured is the   Read More »