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Choosing a Contractor is Your Choice

When homeowners often have insurance claims, their insurance company will have a third-party contractor or restoration company prepare an estimate. This person or company is a preferred vendor to the insurance company. These companies have a close relationship with the insurance company and often get paid directly.

Most homeowners will use the preferred vendor because that person most likely was the first to inspect the damages, prepare an estimate, and have a direct connection with the insurance company, which they believe puts them at a higher advantage. However, as the homeowner, you have the right to choose the contractor that repairs your home.

It is best practice to shop for the right contractor and get multiple estimates. When traveling, you research and consider numerous hotels or Airbnb before booking, right? You read the reviews, look at the photos, and compare prices for each one to make sure you are getting the best deal. The same process applies to hiring a contractor.

Getting multiple estimates also helps determine what needs to be done to repair your home properly. This also helps eliminate the contractors who do not estimate enough or too much. Make sure you hire someone credible and licensed that you can trust to do the repairs the way you want them.

Remember, your right is to receive the insurance proceeds from your insurance company directly. The payments do not have to go directly to a contractor or vendor. At Brown O’Haver, it is our job to get you paid accurately for your claim and your job to spend it.

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