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Christmas and Fires

Fires are more likely to occur during the winter months. It’s dry outside, we have our heaters on or fires going, and we are spending more time indoors with our families. Accidents are going to happen given these circumstances. Having homeowners or renters insurance can protect you when an accident occurs. Here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday season and prevent your house from a fiery disaster.

Do not leave any open flame, or burning coal, unattended. This includes fireplaces and especially candles. We have helped many homeowners over the years with their house fire that started from a candle, some unfortunately right before Christmas.

Have your furnace serviced and your chimneys swept. This should be done every year for maintenance and could save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Properly care for your Christmas tree. Keep your tree at least 3 FT from heat sources. Make sure to keep your tree watered, dry trees can burn quickly. Get rid of your tree once it is dry.

Use proper electrical outlets and extension cords for your lights and decor. This is another source of fire claims we’ve seen over the years during winter months. Do not overuse an outlet/breaker in your home and make sure you are properly using indoor/outdoor lights where they are intended to be.

Space heaters are great to keep warm. Remember to keep them 3 FT from anything they can burn, turn them off/unplugged when unattended, and always plug them into a wall outlet never an extension cord.

Be safe while cooking and never leave a stove-top unattended. Whether you are cooking for family coming over or your kids are wanting to help in the kitchen, cooking and kitchen fires are common during the holiday season.

Make sure to have an escape plan should a fire occur at your home.

While during the holidays, decorating and cooking are some of the best parts of this season, safety is the most important. We hope everyone has a great time with friends and family during celebrations. Should you have a fire, call a trusted public adjuster to help you navigate your insurance claim for you. Happy Holidays!

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