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Importance of Timeframes

It has been over 60 days since an EF-2 tornado went through Norman, OK leaving behind much damage. During the first two weeks following the large storm, insurance company adjusters and their independent adjusters were conducting initial inspections and making recommendations on the damages. The next week, week three, we noticed some homeowners were starting to receive structure estimates.

One of our clients was in this group of homeowners. We were leery of the estimate before we received it because we feared it would be premature. Once we received the estimate, we realized our fear was true, the adjuster had only accounted for a portion of the damages.

During week four, we started to receive more calls like this. We also began getting calls where adjusters have not done an inspection at all. Sadly, this is true for other types of losses, not just from this tornado.

During large loss claims like a tornado, homeowners can expect to receive an estimate within 30-45 days after the adjuster’s inspection. While it can seem like your insurance company is on top of it by getting an estimate done quickly, that doesn’t mean it is correct. Have someone you trust, like a public adjuster, review your claim before taking any next steps.

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