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Oklahoma Storm Claims

These past couple years have been unusual seasons with the number of storms that have come through the state of Oklahoma. Typically, we see storm season occur during the spring and fall months with heavy rain, high winds, and some hail. In these past two years we have seen an increased number of tornados during these months but also some of these destructive storms have been in the “off” season.

In 2022 and 2023 we have seen several tornados across the state of Oklahoma in Seminole, Idabel, Kingston, Shawnee, Mustang, Cole, Blanchard, Norman, Inola and Tulsa to name a few. This has been a challenging time for insurance companies to keep up with. It seems like the light at the end of the claim is nearing then another massive storm rolls in. The time frame we have been custom to with insurance companies have been much longer and we have seen copious out of state adjusters working on these Oklahoma storm claims.

The damages that come from these storms and tornados can range from a few shingles blown off a home to commercial buildings caving in with sections missing. We have seen more contents and personal property damaged from these storms as well. Our public adjusters have utilized our inventory team more on storm claims this past year whereas we would see a few outside items damaged in past years. The last time we saw storm related insurance claims of this size was in 2013 when an F5 tornado flattened parts of Moore, OK.

That tornado changed the way Brown O’Haver operates from inspections and structure letters to the way we conduct our physical inventories. The storms from the past two years have also helped us fine tune those areas. Just as times are changing and we all grow, we see there are ways we can better navigate these insurance claims and help our clients receive every dollar owed to them. Most importantly, we document everything from the shingles in the yard to the water filled tool chest. We also get consultants and engineers involved when we see fit. This type of additional help provides the documentation our clients need to show their insurance company the level of repairs that are needed.  

We are not contractors or restoration workers; we do not do any work on our clients home nor do we pack or clean their contents. We do assist in obtaining the necessary estimates for all the work that needs to be done to make our clients whole again. We are public adjusters, and we will adjust your insurance claim on your behalf. There is no claim that is too small or too big for us to help with.

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