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Success Story

We have a client that was impacted by a tornado in February damaging his home. His insurance company utilized an independent adjuster to inspect, document, and report the damages to the staff adjuster. Our public adjuster and the insured’s contractor were both present to ensure all damages were addressed. Once the staff adjuster reviewed the documentation from their vendor, they realized they do not have enough information to prepare an estimate and reassigned the claim to a local staff adjuster. This adjuster requested a virtual inspection to become familiar with the claim to prepare an estimate. Still, this did not lead to our client receiving an estimate.

By this point, it had been several weeks and many homeowners that were also impacted by this tornado had received an estimate for repairs. To expedite the claim for our client, we requested the claim be reassigned to a local adjusterthat would physically inspect the property and write an estimate. To our surprise, the claim was reassigned before the inspection could occur because the claim total would be more than that adjuster’s authority.

As this process had been challenging and our client was about to receive his fourth adjuster, we requested a local large loss adjuster that we have worked with previously and knew had full capability to write an estimate and issue payment to be assigned to the claim. Five days after our joint inspection with the insurance company, our client finally received an initial estimate.

While the structure portion of this claim was a cluster, we were able to keep the contents claim fluid from the beginning. We met with vendors for a pack out and cleaning estimate for items that could be salvaged. We also prepared an inventory of the non-salvageable items. If not for our public adjuster and contents team, who knows how long the insurance company would have let this side of the claim linger.

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