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Understanding Condominium Insurance

Understanding Condominium Insurance Claims

Condominium insurance claims are complex and many insureds think that they have coverage that they do not.

A Condominium Unit Owners Form will cover a unit owner who wishes to insure his or her property to cover any items not insured by the association’s policy. This is where the rub comes in. The CCR’s spell out what is owned by the association and what is owned by the Condominium owner. Are floor coverings insured by the unit owner or the association? Is paint on the walls covered under the association’s policy or the unit owners? What is common property and what is not?

A Condominium owners policy will most likely pay for property damage to personal belongings and any accessories not originally installed in the unit. One condominium claim we worked recently was built with linoleum which the unit owner had upgraded to tile. The insurance company had to pay to pay for the tile, less the cost of the linoleum. The association would have to pay for the linoleum.

The association has a deductible which the Condominium unit owners policy generally covers. Most importantly, a unit owners policy will generally pay for additional living expenses while the unit is being repaired. The policy also provides personal liability protection. If your cocker spaniel bites someone, you should be covered for the liability he has caused.

In each state we encounter insurance issues. In Oklahoma, one of the greatest issues we deal with involves the policy limit. Many insurance consumers in Oklahoma are underinsured. In Arizona, the insurance issue we deal with is lack of insurance by condo owners and renters. Other states have their quirks as well but no matter what If you have no insurance Brown – O’haver can’t help you. If you have any other policy including a Condominium Unit insurance policy, we have the experience to sort out what your insurer pays and get you the full amount that you have paid premiums for. We can also help determine what the association pays in condo claims so you can get back into your home.

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