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5 Things You Should Look for When Finding a Public Insurance Adjuster

What You Must do to Find a Good Public Insurance Adjuster

Perhaps you have found your insurance company is treating you unfairly. Or perhaps, the initial estimate was not as high as you expected it to be. Or also, you could simply be tired of the hassle that comes with an insurance claim. Either way, you are searching for an option that will both allow you to return to higher priorities while having your claim in better hands. That option comes in the form of a public insurance adjuster. However, making this substantial decision before or during an insurance claim can be difficult to make.
Certainly, the last thing you want to do is compromise the progress of your insurance claim or add an unnecessary expense. Therefore, finding a proper insurance adjuster to better your situation should not be a task that is taken lightly. There are many things to look for in a reputation of a public adjuster that can solidify your decision:

Ratings and Reviews

A quick google search can bring you up to speed on the public adjusters in your area. Many of these firms will have some reviews to search quickly from google or similar browsers. The ratings and comments left are a fast indication of the legitimacy of the firms you had in mind. Be sure to look at specific details and examples from the comments as many can be from employees or family members.


Many times, the quickest way to choose your public adjuster is to find out their availability. Even if you do not intend to, ask if they would be available to meet on the weekends or after common working hours. Typically, if the public adjuster is willing to meet on the weekends or after hours, this will give you insight into the motivation, sacrifice, and willingness towards their clients.


Be sure to understand the specialization that your claim requires before continuing with a public adjuster. Many public insurance adjusters deal mainly in certain types of insurance claims and do not dabble in other aspects. This is important to understand because one insurance adjusting firm could specialize in commercial contents, while another does only residential roofs. Do your research to find which firm fits your particular situation.


If the public adjusting company is proud of their work, they will be happy to provide you examples of their work upon your request. Ask to see how they have increased claims, especially ones that are similar to your situation. These companies should show you the increase from the initial estimate to their estimate or show you complete documentation of a roof, structure, and/or contents portion. This is yet another way to verify the firm’s work and give an example of its process to see if it fits your needs.


The final test of finding a quality adjuster to fit your needs comes in the form of references. If you are at all interested in an adjuster’s services, immediately ask for references for past clients that are similar to your claim. The adjuster should be happy to provide details about the past claim(s). Ask who is referenced about their claims experience, how the adjuster helped them specifically, and if they would recommend this firm. If the adjuster is unable to provide references, then that should be a clear indicator of their service quality.


If you find yourself in the midst of an insurance claim and you are interested in hiring a public insurance adjuster, following these steps will ensure that you find an adjuster that will fit your needs. For further information on public insurance adjusters, visit unitedpolicyholder.org or contact Brown O’Haver, Adjusters for the Insured at 405-735-5510, or visit www.brownohaver.com, www.facebook.com/BrownOHaver.

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