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Are Hail Claims Worth it?

Insurance companies must hate Hail Claims. And … insureds do not like them either. While insurers have been collecting premiums in anticipation of such claims, many businesses have risen to make money from hail claims. Of course, we have the normal “weather chaser contractors” who pack up and head to the next big hail location. Some of them even start chasing before the storm is over. Their trucks are packed and ready to go, just like someone would expect from the fire department.

Besides these storm-chasing contractors, we have insurer-friendly engineers. They sell themselves with promises such as “Trained to use our engineering skills to help insurers control the cost of claims (advertisement in the author's possession). We also have drone services to view the losses from higher elevations and software companies that track weather patterns to determine if the hail claim occurred this time or the last time a storm was recorded. If the insurer finds someone who can testify that the roof damage is old, you can pucker your lips and kiss your claim goodbye. Maybe?

Brown O’Haver personnel are trained to look at all claims and give you an estimate of your possible success in hail and other claims. With a 32-year track record, we have seen thousands of claims.

And here is something for you to consider: As I was cleaning out an old file box of materials, I came upon an article from a 2016 Texas publication. It stated impart, “State-compiled stats show when a lawyer or public adjuster (who works for consumers) gets involved, a (hail) claim can bring in payments to customers between $25,000.00 to $35,000. Without a lawyer (or public adjuster) involved, a claim may pay around $ 8,000.00.
Is your hail claim worth it? We can help you decide.

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