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Car accident? Does the Insurance Company Owe You for Diminished Value?

Most of us have been involved in an auto accident at some point. We have taken our vehicle to a body shop, gotten an estimate that was then sent to the insurance company, who then approves and pays for the   Read More »

Are you Considering Car Warranty?

Arizona Car Insurance Policies I just hung up the phone from a robot call telling me that my car warranty was expiring and I needed to renew right away in case my car developed some catastrophic mechanical failure. I laughed.   Read More »

Does Insurance Cover Mold in Your Car?

Does Insurance Cover Mold in Your Car?

I recently had a friend tell me that she had returned from a vacation to find that her car was full of mold and the resulting damage was extensive. Her car has a T-Top which was a likely source of the water entry into her car.