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Looking out for the insurance consumer

The Breitbart News headlines shouted out: Chicago activist tells people mad about looting to “Get over it. These buildings are insured!”

The looting and rioting in Chicago on August 10 lasted nearly five hours. In a profanity-laced statement, a Chicago “activist”, Alycia Moatin, blurted out: “These buildings are insured. Materials will come but we will not come back if they kill us. What do ya’ll not get about that? Gucci, Apple store, that stuff can be replaced.”

“These buildings are insured.”

Of course “material” can be replaced if the owners of the real property and businesses that were looted and destroyed have proper insurance. However, as public adjusters, Brown – O’Haver is concerned about the insurance consumer. It is the insurance consumer who will pay by for looting and destruction through increased premiums

The actions of these lawbreakers is wrong. On this topic we are in complete agreement with insurance companies opposed to this violence. We want insurance companies to pay legitimate and fair claims to its insureds when an insured is confronted with an unforeseen peril. Our goal is total fairness to the insurance consumer. We want premiums paid by the insurance consumer to pay for legitimate claims, not claims instigated by so-called activists who tell us: “(This looting) is not gonna stop. We’re gonna keep it going.”

Looting causes damage which in turn increases premiums. Everybody loses.

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