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Storm Season is Here!

It is storm season here in tornado alley and Oklahoma is no stranger to high winds and torrential rains. Insurance claims for roof damage and possible flooding are most likely to occur during March – June. Here are some tips from your local public adjuster to navigate this season and your potential insurance claim.

Have your roof inspected by someone you trust. Often times after a big storm rolls in roofers and contractors are walking around going door to door offering free inspections. We suggest getting a second opinion to confirm the extent of damages. Make sure you reach out to someone local and reputable.

Check your policy and know your deductibles. Wind and hail claims can have a higher deductible. This can lead to you paying more out of pocket for a roof replacement than you would like. It can also help you determine if you should file a claim.

Look into flood coverage. Flood damage is not covered under your homeowners policy and requires its own policy. Having a separate flood policy will ensure you have enough coverage should a flood occur.

Wait until after storm season to replace your roof. The last thing you would want is for a large storm to damage your roof and gutters right after you had them replaced. This could lead to multiple insurance claims and deductibles leaving you feeling defeated and frustrated.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by this or just do not have the time, call your local public adjuster. They will inspect your roof themselves or have roofers they trust to give a fair assessment. Our team is here to help with all aspects of wind and hail claims adjustments.

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