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The Role of the Public Adjuster in the Insurance Industry

Role of the Public Adjuster - Opportunity to Grade the Essays

I am grateful to my University for teaching me the basics of business management and financial analysis. Some years ago, after my wife and I founded Brown – O’Haver, I approached my Alma Mater, Weber State University, in Ogden, Utah with an idea. Working together, we set up a scholarship program for the student or students who would pen the best essay each year. I got the opportunity to grade the essays.

What an experience this has been!

I receive the essays without knowing the name, gender, age, religion or national origin of the student. From there we determine the winner. Reading the essays blind ensures there is no bias in deciding the winner. Last year there were two winners, both women from another country at the school with a student visa.

This year there are some very good essays and I will post the winner to this blog, just as soon as the school discloses who that person is. In the meantime, here are a few excerpts from the essays submitted this year:

“A public adjuster is a state licensed insurance professional that specializes in managing every aspect of an insurance claim on the behalf of the policyholder. Public insurance adjusters provide services of negotiating or “adjusting” insurance claims. Public adjusters are a type of claim adjuster that are individually licensed and hired by the insurance policyholder. Simply put, they represent the general “public” and “adjust” claims to effect settlements.”

“Despite race, religion, gender, age; people all over the world may be hit by natural disasters or other property damage. Recovering from such a loss can be a costly process. Many of these people are insured but don’t always believe their insurance companies will work in their best interest to help them recover their losses. There is a measure these individuals can take to ensure they have an advocate on their side; hire a public adjuster.”

“Public adjusters can provide tremendous value to policyholders, whether they are individual homeowners or corporations, everyone can benefit and this can keep insurance companies honest and, in the long-term, can provide ethical standards an industry which is often accused of not always being ethical.”

“I believe the most important thing for public adjusters is to make their services more well known to the general public at large since I believe this is still a profession many are not even aware of.”

“In conclusion, the role of a Public Adjuster is to specialize in managing insurance claims, while also becoming competent in communication, analytical, and mathematical skills. The stresses associated with working as an adjuster may not be for everyone, but the rewards from working hard in the role can be plentiful. Adjusters play an important role in serving those who are in need of their expertise during the hardships that life may present.”

The name of the winner of the 2020 scholarship should be revealed next month.

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