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What is an independent adjuster?

Independent Adjuster

Did you know there are three types of adjusters? 

  • Company Adjuster
  • Independent Adjuster
  • Public Adjuster

A company adjuster works directly for the insurance company, is paid by the insurance company, and represents their interest.

An independent adjuster is hired by the insurance company, is paid by them, and represents their interest.

A public adjuster is hired by the homeowner, represents homeowners’ interest, and is paid by the homeowner.

Independent adjusters do not work for anyone insurance company, instead, they are contracted by an insurance carrier to handle claims for a specific time period or loss. The independent adjuster is essentially the middleman that does the inspections and writes the reports for the insurance company to review and base payment on. They are hired and paid by the insurance company but are not employed by them on a permanent basis. This adjuster can also be referred to as the field adjuster. They update the insurance company or desk adjuster on the details of the claim. The desk adjuster is ultimately the one who makes decisions on the claim and gives the final approval.

If you have ever had a claim and received an update from the adjuster you met with letting you know the carrier is reviewing the claim, this means the company desk adjuster. It is common for this adjuster to never step foot on your property. You may also have little to no contact with this person and only interact with the independent adjuster.

At any point during your claim, you can hire a public adjuster to represent you. Your adjuster will be at every inspection, follow up with both the independent and company adjusters, review and gather necessary documents/information needed to resolve and settle your claim. Give Brown O’Haver a call to review your claim for free.

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