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When Should I Hire A Public Adjuster?

Living through an insurance claim can be challenging and difficult to navigate. As public adjusters, we can assist with your first-party insurance claim at any point during the claims process. Hiring a public adjuster is beneficial for many reasons. It is comforting to know that someone is on your side and is looking out for your best interest, and will work to get you paid properly for your damages. We have experience assisting claims from the beginning of the claims process, including filing the claim, to a year or more after the claim has been filed. Maybe policies have a provision for recoverable depreciation and limitations on timeframes up to two years after the date of loss.  

When public adjusters are active in the claim from the beginning, they can set the narrative with the insurance company early in the process by being present during the initial inspections. This allows your PA to walk through and inspect the damages with the insurance company adjuster and discuss the scope of work. In addition, your PA can get working on your inventory for damaged personal belongings and help you navigate restoration companies who want to clean your items, if applicable. Most importantly, they are there to help you understand the process of your insurance claim and help keep you and your family on your normal routine.  

While it is not right or wrong to hire a public adjuster from the beginning or bring them in later in the process, it can speed up the claim handling to have a public adjuster Okhlahoma at the beginning. That being said, many people hire a public adjuster after they receive an estimate from the insurance company and are concerned if it will be enough to repair the damages. We often receive calls from insureds who are not happy with the communication or lack thereof with their insurance company or restoration company. Often homeowners become overwhelmed with having multiple parties involved with their claim and simply need someone else to take charge. When hiring a public adjuster later in the process, they must backtrack and make sure that all the work done on the claim prior to their involvement was done efficiently. Public insurance adjuster fees could be higher in this scenario due to the additional work being done on the back end of the claim. 

No matter the duration of your claim, you can and should hire a public adjuster. If for no reason other than to have them review your claim to make sure things are on track to benefit you the most. Here at Brown O’Haver, we can do these types of reviews at no cost to you and without signing a contract so that you are aware and prepared for the direction your claim is going. Our team is ready to navigate and guide you through your insurance claim when you are.  

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