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How to Handle Multiple Weather Events

How to Handle Multiple Weather Events

Did you file a hail claim at the beginning of the year? Were the repairs complete or not? If so, you may be wondering what’s next. If you didn’t repair the previous damages, then no claim should be made. If   Read More »

Adjuster Education

Certified Professional Public Adjuster

At Brown – O’Haver we pride ourselves in the specialized educational milestones we have reached. This knowledge helps us as we address the many unique opportunities that we have to make certain that insurance claims are paid fairly. It is   Read More »

Frozen Pipes – Could Damage The Home

Home Damage due to Frozen Pipe

As the weather cools down and we look towards winter, it is time to reflect on our homes and the potential of a freeze, which could damage the home.  One of the largest homeowner claims we have worked was for   Read More »